Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be ex-military to do one of the Academy courses?

Absolutely not, the BMF Academy’s mission is to raise the standards of fitness education across the entire industry by producing excellent quality fitness professionals, and welcomes learners from all backgrounds to study with us. For learners who are ex-military, we have job opportunities as BMF park instructors.

How are BMF Academy courses structured?

All of the BMF Academy courses take a blended learning approach, which essentially combines Home study, E-learning and multiple intensive contact days. This approach allows learners to study over a longer period and focus on a couple of modules at a time so they can fully understand a topic, have hands on practice and be confident in their abilities before moving onto the next area.


Why do you not offer fast track courses?

As experienced fitness professionals and tutors, we firmly believe that taking a blended approach over a longer period produces far greater trainers as an end product. Whereas shorter ‘fast-track’ courses often try to shoehorn a huge amount of information into less than 5 weeks, which can leave learners confused, lacking confidence and ultimately poorly equipped to start a career in the fitness industry.


What is the standard of tuition within the BMF Academy?

The BMF Academy aims to provide the highest quality of training in the fitness industry, and our tutor standards are no different. All of our tutors have gone through an extensive selection process and have substantial experience as both fitness professionals and tutors. Most of the team are educated to degree level or above in their field and bring the most up to date knowledge to the table.

Do I have to be an ex-military PTI to work for BMF?

No, as long as you are an ex or serving members of the Armed Forces, or emergency services, you can work for BMF. You will need to complete a recognised fitness qualification at a minimum of Level 2.

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