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BMF Academy

Our Vision

Here at the British Military Fitness Academy, we’re passionate about inspiring positive changes in peoples lives. We aim to do that by raising the standards of fitness education through every piece of education that we deliver.

This is

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we apply a simple but effective philosophy to our education. Our mission is to develop, design and implement the highest standard of fitness education in order to challenge, inspire and educate people to become the best fitness professionals in the world.

Our Values

Excellent Quality

We offer outstanding quality for our learners by providing a range of qualifications that will enable you to be industry ready. This means you will be qualified to operate in various environments, using a wide variety of training tools and equipment for people of different backgrounds and health status.

Innovative Approach

Our tutors are always developing their approach to ensure that we continuously improve our approach. Our highly professional team are dedicated to enhancing every single course and creating new ways to improve the learning experience.

High Level of Support

Our training tutors provide on-going support for the duration of your learning experience through online webinars and coaching sessions to email and telephone support to answer any questions or discuss your education at any point.


Professional Team

We pride ourselves in holding strong values from our military ethos and heritage. The professionalism and dedication you will receive from our training team is second to none in the industry and we are 100% committed to educating all of our learners to the required standards and beyond.

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